Cyberseer webinar 2018 Breach Highlights, November 20th 2018Tune into Cyberseer’s webinar reflecting on 2018’s breach highlights.

With the seasonal festivities approaching and many of us looking forward to sharing it with our family and friends, Cyberseer reflects on the year of the ‘massive data breach’ and looks at how the cyber predictions for 2018 played out.

When it comes to enterprise cybersecurity, the only constant is change. Many organisations are going through changes in terms of technological transformations including movement to cloud services and the Internet of Things. Today’s IT security teams are not only wrestling with ever-present challenges such as insider data leaks but due to emerging exploits from attackers, they are having to rethink their defence strategies to respond to new threats including crypto mining, ransomware and next-generation malware. If that isn’t enough, emerging regulations from government agencies such as GDPR have placed new pressures on enterprise security and privacy.

In this webinar, we review the year in brief and hear first-hand from the Cyberseer’s SOC Manager on how accurate the predictions were, what was observed across our client base and how the Advanced Threat Detection Service allowed many CISOs to sleep soundly at night.

In summary, this webinar covers:


Speaker Martin Cook – A Cyber Solutions Architect at Cyberseer, responsible for the successful delivery of all technical aspects of pre-sales activity for a portfolio of strategic clients. Previously employed as a Senior Sales Engineer by Exabeam providing technical design and pre-sales support to a collective of high-profile organisations.  Prior to this role, Martin worked at LogRhythm and QinetiQ taking up the position of Head of Portfolio Delivery where he was responsible for a team of technical pre-sales, Project Management and delivery personnel.

Speaker Dionesh Hirani – A Security Operations Centre Manager at Cyberseer, committed to improving efficiency, through meticulous analysis and exceeding client’s expectations. Previously employed as a Technical Operations Director for Secon Cyber where he was responsible for a team providing cyber threat management by educating and improving customers’ security postures.

About Cyberseer – Cyberseer is skilled in advanced threat detection and provides managed detection and response services to FTSE 100 companies. The Cyberseer Managed Detection and Response Service combine expert human analysis, advanced forensic techniques and next-generation behavioural and machine learning technologies to offer a 24×7 Managed Detection and Response service that delivers against the demands of security-conscious organisations seeking to understand the threat intelligence associated with the detected activity, including potential attribution, motivation and possible next steps of an adversary.

The cornerstone of our Service is in utilising the right technology. Cyberseer is powered by today’s leading-edge technologies to underpin the service and provide real-time visibility of threat actors embracing machine learning and behavioural analysis to support the detection of anomalous and sophisticated attacks. Our Analysts are highly trained in threat detection and response and are constantly striving to maintain their knowledge and situational awareness to benefit the service delivered to our customer base.  The perfect combination to increase your organisation’s threat awareness whilst reducing your exposure to the consequences of a damaging cyber breach.