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At Cyberseer, we understand the complexities of modern cybersecurity, and our MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) solutions are designed to empower organisations with proactive, robust, and tailored security measures. Whether you’re a seasoned cybersecurity professional or new to the world of MSSPs, this FAQ page is your gateway to understanding how Cyberseer’s MSSP services can elevate your security posture and protect your business in the digital realm.

Explore the following answers to frequently asked questions, gaining insights into our MSSP offering. From threat detection and incident response to continuous monitoring and strategic guidance, Cyberseer is committed to being your trusted partner in the ongoing battle against cyber threats.

No. Unlike other Managed Security Services, Cyberseer’s MSSP employs proactive threat hunting, alerting you to potential threats before they escalate.  

Our anomaly-based approach acts as an early warning radar, limiting threat exposure in their early stages, and fortifying your strong security posture.

Our consultative approach ensures we understand your priorities before deploying any solutions. Throughout our service, our management teams and analysts maintain regular communication with you, keeping you informed about changes in the monitored environment and sharing news about features and updates that add value to your security strategy.

Yes, Cyberseer’s automation platform, ASPECT, combined with forensic analysts, provides a high level of detection accuracy whilst saving costs compared to expensive in-house resources. Enhance your team’s productivity by focusing on high-priority threats and improving overall cost efficiency. 

Cyberseer delivers comprehensive information in a format tailored to your organisation, ensuring you understand your current security posture. Empower your presentations with valuable insights for informed decision-making. 

Overwhelmed by too many system alerts? Cyberseer employs automation techniques to enrich and contextualise notifications from your systems, which are reviewed by our expert forensic analysts. Receive a manageable number of high-fidelity priority threat alerts, along with expert guidance on hand to coach you through the steps for swift remediation.

No, Cyberseer’s unique approach provides a fully managed SOC during business hours, whilst ASPECT operates 24 x 7 to detect priority threats. On identifying a priority threat our on-call forensic analysts are notified immediately, ensuring continuous protection.

Wondering how we handle security incidents? On raising a Priority Threat (Incident) Cyberseer actively collaborates with your security teams upon identifying a priority threat, providing guidance, and supporting impact analysis and investigation activities. Our experts actively work to support and guide incident resolution promptly.