Cyber Security News Roundup 20th May 2015

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This week proved to be a time for taking stock and looking back over the threat landscape.

The Webroot 2015 Threat Brief provides some valuable, if depressing statistics which highlight the need for accurate threat intelligence – perhaps most notably that we now very much have to live with the threat of malicious Android Apps, and that zero-day phishing attacks affect nearly a third of internet users.

Dell’s CTU provide a review of banking botnets and the realities of Dyre, Dridex and Vawtrak that incident responders live with after the demise of GoZ, which highlights the continuing resilience of these botnets and how they use Tor and other services to avoid detection from traditional means.

Wired also reported on the rise of TheRealDeal zero-day market, and the continued commodification and commercialisation of cyber attacks.

Cyberscurity-news-“Costa customers in a froth as hack takes loyalty club offline” [dataIQ]“Costa customers in a froth as hack takes loyalty club offline” [dataIQ]

“Coffee lovers might need a double espresso to get over the latest data breach after Costa Coffee admitted hackers have broken into its loyalty scheme, plundered points from some accounts as well as customers’ contact details.

“Smarter threats and the rising complexity of cybercrime” [Help Net Security]

“85,000 new malicious IPs are launched every day, and the top phishing targets are technology companies and financial institutions, the new Webroot 2015 Threat Brief reveals.”

“Banking Botnets Persist Despite Take Downs” [Dell]
“Since the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) research team published information about the top banking botnets of 2013, threat to the banks and other financial institutions have grown and matured, and cybercriminals have become far more creative and increasingly organised. Although banks and financial institutions constantly improve their security measures to protect their online customers, the introduction of new malware families and the continual improvements to active malware campaigns pose challenges to the organisations and their customers”

Cybersecurity news “Data breach reality exposes ‘head in the clouds’ law-makers?”“Data breach reality exposes ‘head in the clouds’ law-makers?” [Data IQ News]
“A new study shows just how out of touch the European Commission was by demanding firms report a data breach within 24 hours after revealing most firms do not realise their systems are under threat for at least a fortnight.”

“New Dark-Web Market is Selling Zero-Day Exploits to Hackers” [Wired]
“Hackers have for years bought and sold their secrets in a de facto gray market for zero-day exploits – intrusion techniques for which no software patch exists. Now a new marketplace hopes to formalize that digital arms trade in a setting where it could flourish: under the cover of the Dark Web’s anonymity protections.”

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Written by: Elizabeth Gladen

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