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Cyber Security News Roundup 30th June 2015

Cyber Security News Roundup 30th June 2015

Venom has joined the ranks of named and feared vulnerabilities. The dubious merits of this new trend of naming vulnerabilities aside, Venom has interesting consequences for the massive move towards Virtualization over recent years. Researchers have long discussed the potential worries of virtual guest escape (executing code on the host from within a guest VM), but Venom takes us a step closer to that scenario.

In other news, CSO online highlights the rise in “malicious” adware. Adware is often accepted a fact of internet life – unwanted and annoying, but more of a nuisance than a threat. This report is a good reminder that we shouldn’t become laid back when it comes to any kind of unwanted program or unknown software on our machines. The line between adware and malware is not a clear one, and both represent a loss of control and visibility into your hosts’ operations.

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Malicious adware“Malicious adware more than doubled last year” [CSO Online]

“The amount of malicious adware more than doubled last year as cybercriminals adjust their strategy in the wake of better security elsewhere, according to a new malware report from G Data Software.”

“Venom Vulnerability Exposes Most Data Centers to Cyber Attacks” [The Hacker News]

“Just after a new security vulnerability surfaced Wednesday, many tech outlets started comparing it with HeartBleed, the serious security glitch uncovered last year that rendered communications with many well-known web services insecure, potentially exposing Millions of plain-text passwords.”

Plane“Planes, Tweets & Possible Hacks From Seats” [Dark Reading]

“There are conflicting reports over whether security researcher Chris Roberts hacked into flight controls and manipulated a plane.”



“Protecting your assets from the front lines” [SC Magazine UK]

Patrick Petersen examines why organisations need to focus on both external and internal assets to address the phishing threats.

 “UK Police Skill Up On Cyber Security To Fend Off Digital Crimes” []

“British police are being trained to deal with cyber threats. Freedom of information requests (FoI) sent to forces across the UK have revealed that more than 3,800 officers have received cybersecurity training this year, an increase of more than 90 times from five years ago, Infosecurity magazine reports.


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