PODCAST: World’s Largest Provider Of Payroll Information Shares Reasons Behind User Behaviour Analytics Deployment.

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VP of Security Architecture at ADP, one of the world’s largest providers of payroll information shares his road to User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) for effective cyber risk management with the CISO of IBM on this podcast.

This podcast explains how leveraging UBA from Exabeam has helped ADP address these primary user cases:

  • Threat surface reduction
    Focusing on being  able to identify and remediate everyday users that appear to have elevated privileges.
  • Improved situational awareness
    When investigating a threat or breach it can take a very long time to understand the users on the system, where did they come from, what have they accessed, is that something we should be concerned about? Chasing logs to understand this behaviour today is a significant challenge to IT.
  • Lateral movement
    Having a technology continuously looking for anomalies of users moving left and right, users elevating privileges or accessing accounts they have never used before. The capability to detect when people stop acting like themselves is critical.

[Duration – 09:19]

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Written by: Elizabeth Gladen

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