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Cyberseer Threat Detection & Analysis Service

Cyberseer Threat Analytics Service

A threat detection and analytics service that provides real-time, accurate and actionable intelligence on threats discovered in the organisations network.

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Cyberseer Managed Services for Darktrace

We’re entering an era of increasingly sophisticated threat detection tools to help us combat threat, but they require a high-level of expertise to drive them. Cyberseer has a team of forensic analyst’s expert in using the Darktrace technology and quickly honing in on the root cause and severity of the anomaly detected. Our service closes the skill gap and provides fast identification and investigation, shortening “dwell time” which allows our customers to contain threats and limit the extremity and cost of an attack when (not if) it occurs.

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New! Cyberseer Discoveries: 
Analyst Threat Findings

This report showcases twelve real-world examples of threats discovered by Cyberseer’s Security Analysts in customer networks including a sophisticated attack, dridex malware infection, insider threat and a ransomware infection.

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New Document! Applying Machine Learning to Cyber Security

Machine learning can improve the security posture of your organisation and help detect both advanced threat and malicious insider activities. Different deployment approaches can be applied with machine learning, but which is right for your organisation?

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Cyberseer Sample Threat Report

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Infographic Key Issues CIO & CISO face

Key Issues CIO’s & CISO’s Face


Insider Threat Landscape


How Much Is Spent On Security Software?


Managed IT Security Services On The Increase, Why?


Why You Need Cyber Security Services


2014 Breach Highlights – as featured in SC Magazine



Darktrace Product Sheet

Darktrace Enterprise Immune System & Threat Visualiser Product Sheet

The world’s first enterprise immune system for the detection and investigation of emerging cyber threat based on sophisticated machine learning and mathematics.

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Darktrace Cloud and Virtualised Environments Data Sheet

Darktrace seamlessly extend the self-learning, real-time threat detection capability of the Enterprise Immune System into cloud and virtualised environments.

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Darktrace Antigena Data Sheet

Darktrace Antigena acts automatically to restrain or contain threats, giving organisations capabilities to fight back. It can:

  • Stop or slow down activity related to a specific threat
  • Quarantine or semi-quarantine people, systems, or devices
  • Mark specific pieces of content, such as e-mail, for further investigation or tracking
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Darktrace Example Anomalies

Understand Darktrace’s capabilities and explore the wide range of anomalies and threats detected by Darktrace, which bypassed other security tools.

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Exabeam User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) Product Sheet

An automated behaviour based security intelligence platform, which uses machine learning techniques to detect and assess risky activity in your environment. Alternative resources available:

  • Exabeam Advanced Analytics
  • Exabeam Log Manager
  • Exabeam Incident Responder
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Top 12 Use Cases for User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)

UBA is one of the fastest-growing area within enterprise security. This guide tells you what to look for when evaluating UBA solutions’ ability to detect, prioritise and respond to cyber-attacks effectively.

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Cylance Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Product Sheets

The world’s first next-generation antivirus (AV) built on AI and machine learning. Cylance redefines what AV can and should do for an organisation. CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS offer the complete EDR security solution with prevention, detection and integrated incident response capabilities.

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PODCAST – Reasons Behind User Behaviour Analytics Deployment with Exabeam

One of the world’s largest providers of payroll information shares reasons behind User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) deployment,


Gigamon In-Band Security Solution Product Sheet

In band (or inline) IPS security devices are a valuable asset, but they can introduce a single point of failure for networks and potentially degrade performance. Learn how traffic visibility can improve your security posture.

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Gigamon Out-of-Band Security Solution Product Sheet

An out-of-band security strategy leveraging a Gigamon Visibility Fabric can deliver pervasive visibility, address the need to provide a more dynamic and agile environment, and scale in line with the growth of the network.

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Resilient Systems Incident Response Platform Product Sheet

A leading cyber security incident response platform (IRP) that arms organisations with workflows, intelligence and deep-data analytics to react faster, coordinate better, and respond smarter in the face of cyber-attacks and business crises.

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Cyberseer White Papers

Detecting Insider Threat White Paper

While companies have traditionally invested heavily in their perimeter to protect themselves from external threats, it is fair to say that there has not been the same level of investment in addressing the unique risks posed by insiders. This white paper explores the potential motives and impacts of ‘The Insider Threat’ in the age of interconnected businesses, global supply chains and porous boundaries. We look at how advanced threat detection using machine learning combined with human analytics can help stop insider threats.

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Enterprise Immune System White Paper

This white paper examines the challenges of the threat landscape, the limitations of legacy security approaches, and Darktrace’s new approach to cyber defence using mathematics and machine learning to protect vital assets.

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Understanding The Exabeam Session Data Framework White Paper

This white paper examines how Exabeam links risky activity across identities and accounts, uncovering significant blind spots and powering security analytics with risk scoring and queryable metadata.

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Detecting Compromised Credentials with UEBA White Paper

This white paper examines the challenges of monitoring and mo compromised user credentials and Exabeam’s approach to detecting attacker behaviours by applying UEBA to detect valid, stolen user credentials to accelerate the security investigation process.

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The Continuous Approach to Cyber Defence – Darktrace White Paper

A Darktrace white paper that focuses on a continuous approach to cyber security which accepts that constant cyber threat is an inevitable part of doing business. Learn how cyber security can be managed as part of a continued process of self-evaluation and informed action.

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Social Media: A Double Edged Sword – Say Goodbye to Social Media Risk – Digital Shadows White Paper

We’ve seen an explosion in the use of social media in the last few years. However, in the rush to embrace social media, organisations are underestimating the associated risks. Having a social media environment opens up a whole new domain for criminal activity. This white paper explores these threats and offers practical mitigations for them.

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Cyber Situational Awareness – Digital Shadows White Paper

Organisations need new ways to protect themselves. This white paper explores the lack of cyber situational awareness within organisations. Learn how to incorporate it into your defences and empower your organisation with an ‘Attacker’s Eye View’ identifying threats and vulnerabilities faced to help contain cyber-related incidents.

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