Adrian Hunt Cyberseer Director
Adrian Hunt
Director and Founder

Adrian Hunt, co-founder of Cyberseer, is responsible for the technical and software development side of the business. He has 35 years (and counting) of IT experience in the financial, private, and public sectors; including 14 years in top tier investment banking. During this time, he has worn many hats in global organisations across their architecture, design, engineering, and implementation IT functions, both as a senior internal resource and external consultant.

He is well versed in large scale, distributed infrastructure, and networking, and has architected, built, and operated secure infrastructures and advanced security services for the last 20+ years.

Over his time, he has figured out that just building higher walls didn’t make that much difference to the overall security posture of an organisation, and traditional monitoring methods were very noisy and not very effective because they needed to know what to look for and fired off alerts with no contextual information.

He co-founded Cyberseer back in 2014 to leverage game changing Machine Learning (ML) technology to deliver a managed security service that operated from an anomaly, normal vs abnormal, behavioural perspective, to identify active threats in an environment. Essentially being able to identify threats happening in real-time, without having to know what you were looking for, by measuring against learnt normal behaviour, and being able to provide all the context around why the behaviour was not normal for the user or device.

He is a big believer in bringing smart people and smart technology together. One of his guiding principles is the idea of “doing more with less” which, in Cyberseer’s case, refers to the practice of leveraging smart ML based technology and automation to do the repetitive, resource intensive and time-consuming work of distilling and enriching large amounts of constantly flowing security data – to find a small set of interesting, priority events which can then be presented, with full context, to a smart analyst for review.

Fun Fact: In 1990 he received a black belt in Karate and has since trained in many arts including Savate, Kick Boxing, Kenpo, Muay Thai, Kali, Judo, and is currently an active purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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