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What is Darktrace PREVENT?

Darktrace PREVENT is an interconnected set of AI products that delivers proactive cybersecurity assistance to organisations to pre-empt future cyber-attacks. This product family includes attack surface management and end-to-end management which empowers the CISO and security team to stay ahead of threats with intelligent action to neutralise cyber threats and maintain key security objectives. Crucial for defending against stealthy, novel, and fast-moving attacks, Darktrace PREVENT reacts in seconds, giving your team time to catch up.

There are two modules that make up the Darktrace PREVENT product offering:

Darktrace PREVENT / Attack Surface Management continuously monitors your attack surface for risks, high-impact vulnerabilities and external threats.

Darktrace PREVENT / End-to-End proactively prevents cyber-attacks before they occur. It can identify and prioritise high-value targets and pathways to secure vital internal systems and systems.

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How does it work?

Darktrace PREVENT / Attack Surface Management uses AI to understand what makes an external asset yours, searching beyond the known servers, networks, and Ips, typically surfacing 30-50% more assets than an organisation realises it has.

Darktrace/ASM provides a high-level overview of the evolution of your attack surface and associated risks. Trends on key metrics are presented such as the type of risks found and their criticality for prioritisation.

Darktrace prevent attack surface management

Darktrace PREVENT / End-to-End maps the most relevant and impactful attack pathways through your organisation in real-time. It continuously identifies all potential pathways and analyses every digital touchpoint, providing visibility into the most vulnerable and valuable paths everywhere your data sits. Complete with suggestions about how to harden them.

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Benefits of Darktrace PREVENT:

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