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What is Darktrace?

​Darktrace is a revolutionary Enterprise Immune System for cyber security, designed using new machine learning techniques. Inspired by the principles of the human immune system, composed by Cambridge University Mathematicians.
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How does it work?

Cyber threats are persistent and likely to already be inside an organisations network. Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System detects persistent advanced threats, unidentified cyber threats and emerging anomalies that by pass all other security controls in real time before crisis strikes.

The Enterprise Immune System is a self-learning technology that uses mathematical models to establish an evolving understanding of every device, user and network to recognise ‘normal’ network behaviour. 

Without using signature patterns or having seen the threat before, Darktrace can detect malicious insiders and developing APT’s.

Why do we use it?

Our team of Threat Analyst’s are using the behavioural approach and advanced mathematics of Darktrace every single day in detection of threats for our customers. 

They quickly hone in on the root cause and severity of the anomaly detected, formulate findings into actionable insight and predict whether any anomalous network behaviour is significant enough to cause alarm. 

With Cyberseer, Analysts can detect real time anomalies within the organisations network, including previously unknown “zero-days” and, provide visibility of emerging threats at various stages during the attack life-cycle.

They shorten the time it takes for customers to contain threat and limit the extremity and cost of an attack when (not if) it occurs.

With Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System and Cyberseer’s Threat Analysis Service, organisation’s can take appropriate actions to contain the threat and stay ahead of a rapidly changing threat landscape.

"Not all organisations have the expertise and manpower to drive a sophisticated technology like Darktrace. Cyberseer is the only Darktrace partner to offer a managed service."
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Unique capabilities

Self-learning technology powered by maths and unsupervised machine learning.

Models behaviour within the network.

Begins analysis from first day of deployment.

Behavioural monitoring for users, devices and enterprise.

Darktrace is adaptive and ‘normal’ network baseline is continuously refined.

Analysts can detect malicious insiders and unknown advanced threat actors early, enabling organisations to act sooner, therefore reducing incident response times and cost.

The Dartktrace Enterprise Immune System and managed service solution is best understood through a 1 hour demonstration. In addition to showing you the technology and functionality of the solution, the Cyberseer team will work with you to determine how we can best enhance your existing security services and practices. 

A (POC) is a great way to discover the value of the Darktrace technology and Cyberseer managed service for your organisation.
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In response to a tide of interest in our technology solution Darktrace, we have compiled the following list of “Frequently Asked Questions” (Darktace FAQ’s) and their answers, which we hope will help broaden your knowledge.

Choose your plan

If you would like to select this technology then you have three options to choose from. 

You can select Installation Only, Installation + Support, or if you want to get the most out of the technology then we recommend that you select Installation + Fully Managed Service.

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Deployment
  • Product Support
  • Software upgrades
  • Maintenance
  • Priority threat reporting
  • Threat Hunting
  • Reporting Weekly/monthly
  • Continuous service improvement

Installation Only
We professionally install the
technology for you.

Installation + Support
We professionally install the technology and provide you with support.

Installation + Fully
Managed Security
24x7 Advance threat management. Detect threats early in their life cycle