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Cyberseer Vision, Prepare, Detect, Respond to Cyber Threat

Cyberseer combines expert human analysis with next-generation technologies to deliver the vision to protect.

Prepare, Detect, Respond to Cyber Threat.

We believe that successful mitigation of advanced threats requires a systematic approach across all three key areas of defence: preparation, detection and response.

1) Preparation

An effective defence requires both an understanding of the current threat landscape and the position of your organisation within it. Creating this understanding involves developing both an effective intelligence gathering program and investing in expert skills and knowledge.

2) Detection

The ability to detect and respond to today’s breed of cyber-attacks requires powerful technologies to look deep within the perimeter and provide comprehensive visibility of your network. Spotting persistent attacks inside your organisation requires developing an understanding of ‘normal’ for your environment through data collection, analysis and mathematical modelling.

3) Response

Timely and accurate response requires investigation from a strong team of expert human analysts. Through the combination of mature and efficient security operations and procedures with technologies, analysts are empowered to respond quickly and decisively to attacks on your network.

Unfortunately, there are significant barriers to implementing all three of these areas of defence. Most organisations are not in a position to develop a deep understanding of the threat landscape and effectively operationalise threat intelligence. Nor do they have the tools necessary to respond to today’s threats which require a tightly integrated suite of solutions from detection through to remediation.

Rather than having to develop these capacities from the ground up, Cyberseer offers the powerful combination of cutting edge technologies built around expert analysis and investigation in the form of a managed security service to our customers. The Cyberseer service & solution framework has been designed to assist organisations to prepare, detect and respond to targeted attacks.

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Cyberseer Threat Analysis Service
Darktrace Enterprise Immune System Technology
Exabeam User Entity Behaviour Analytics
Cylance Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
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