Cyberseer’s Managed Service Detects Threats in the Cloud using Darktrace OS-Sensors.

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Cyberseer benefits from added visibility of third-party cloud traffic using Darktrace Enterprise Immune System and now detects threats in the cloud.

Cyberseer’s threat detection managed service now extends to third party cloud environments, following the launch of Darktrace’s ‘OS-Sensors’ virtual appliance.

The increasing utilisation of the cloud raises concerns about security attacks in this extended environment. Cyberseer’s team of Threat Analysts have expert knowledge of the environment in which your organisation is working and detect in-progress cyber threats, including advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malicious insiders using the Darktrace cyber threat intelligence platform. The release of Darktrace OS-Sensors seamlessly extends the self-learning, threat detection capability of the Enterprise Immune System into third-party cloud environments, thus enhancing the Analysts’ ability to detect subtle and long-running anomalous activity within the network, both on premise and now in the cloud.

OS-Sensors are lightweight host-based server agents delivered within the Darktrace appliance that are installed at the heart of the network. These complement vSensors – a virtual appliance configured to receive a SPAN (Switched Port Analyser) for the virtual network switch. The OS-Sensors extract single copies of network traffic into the Darktrace platform, providing Cyberseer Analysts with a view of lateral information flow within the cloud, as well as activity within the physical network.

Darktrace’s OS-Sensors are compatible with popular cloud hosting services including Amazon Web Services, Google’s Cloud Platform, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure.

Benefits of Darktrace’s OS-Sensors for the cloud include:

  • Easy installation onto virtual machines – without requiring access to the physical server.
  • Complete visibility – cloud and on premise network data.
  • Fully configurable – extract all or selected cloud traffic.
  • Dynamic configuration – single copies of network traffic created, avoiding duplication of data.
  • Fully scalable.

For more information, request the Darktrace Virtualised Environment Data Sheet or Request a Demo

Cyberseer Managed Service for Darktrace

Cyberseer’s threat detection managed service is lead by a team of expert Analysts. Leveraging the Darktrace technology to detect threats in your environment, suspicious activity is interpreted through a combination of expert human analysis and investigation of behavioural threat data. The essence of the service is understanding if a surfaced anomaly is worthy of investigation and therefore a real threat in the context of your organisations environment. Cyberseer’s expertise enables companies to gain visibility across their environment and understand the threat landscape.

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Written by: Elizabeth Gladen

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