Past webinars and demos

Feel free to view our videos on our services and the technologies we use.

Mitigating risk within iManage using Cyberseer

See how Cyberseer works with legal companies embracing User and Entity Analytics from Exabeam to enable swift, accurate identification and early detection of threats that could affect your organisation mitigating risk.

Cyber Threats: 2020 Predictions

In this webinar we review the major cyber breaches of 2019, take a look at how and why they were successful and finally, utilising some of the knowledge and recent observations from within the Cyberseer SOC, provide our predictions for 2020.

2019 Cyber Security Predictions

Watch Cyberseer’s 2019 Cyber Security Predictions webinar and get prepared for where the security landscape may be headed.

Reflecting on 2018’s breach highlights with Cyberseer

In this webinar, we review the year in brief and hear first hand from the Cyberseer SOC Manager on how accurate the 2018 predictions were, what was observed across Cyberseer’s client base and how the Advanced Threat Detection Service allowed many CISO’s to sleep soundly at night.

What is Insider Threat?
Insider threats have been around for a long time and they can be quite costly for enterprises. Insiders don’t normally act alone.
Insider Threat in Context

Cyberseer explain insider threat in context at the ‘Insider Threat’ breakfast briefing, referring to some key statistics and figures from Ponemon Study of UK businesses.

Detecting Insider Threat - Darktrace Demo
Cyberseer demonstrate how to detect insider threat using the Darktrace Enterprise Immune System.
Highlights from 'Insider Threat' Breakfast Briefing
Cyberseer explains how new and emerging tools from Webroot and Darktrace and forensic analysis can support organisations with the mitigation of the insider threat problem.
Demo of Darktrace & Cyberseer Threat Analytics Service
Cyberseer demo the Darktrace technology and Cyberseer offering at Kingston Smith Consulting Cyber Threat Workshop – The Breach, It’s No Longer If, But When.
How Analysts Detect Threats with Machine Learning

See how forensic analysts identify and investigate customers intrusions, emerging threat actors and security events using multiple machine learning toolsets to conduct detailed network analysis.

A Behavioural Approach to Cybersecurity
Andrew Tsonchev, Lead forensic analyst from Cyberseer presents on the threat landscape and the need for a behavioural approach to cybersecurity.
How Exabeam's UEBA detects data loss
Data loss is a serious problem! The common cause of loss is from system failure, new ransomware attacks and malware infection. With new types of attacks popping up every day, preventing and detecting them is becoming increasingly difficult.
How User Behaviour Analytics helped eBay detect and investigate cyber threats
We discuss his experiences leading eBay’s SOC, the major problems the team were confronted with and how machine learning, behavioural modelling and statistical analysis were used to improve SOC efficiency. This session closes with a live demo of the Exabeam investigation and threat hunting product.