White Paper: The Problem – SIEM is Broken
Can UEBA (User Behaviour Analytics) fix the SIEM?

Security monitoring is a ubiquitous task for enterprises attempting to thwart malicious activities. IT teams are repeatedly challenged by:

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The risks of not being able to detect and follow up incidents with detailed information is a real issue when using a traditional SIEM. Using UEBA technology you are able to:


  • Collect unlimited security data.
  • Detect complex threats using advanced analytics connecting dots in disparate technologies quickly.
  • Respond effectively with automated work flows, helping resolve lack of manpower.


Designing UEBA for the entire security operation to manage, investigate and automate threat response from a central single security platform consolidates workflow and improves response time.  This approach is now used globally by enterprise security teams to address security needs in a world of big data, identity-based threats and expertise shortages.

Download the white paper to learn how Exabeam’s UEBA Security Intelligence Platform addresses every key weakness of existing SIEM solutions: Time, Cost, Intelligence, and Productivity.

Review this paper to learn:

  • The challenges of security intelligence.
  • How Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform specifically overcomes:
    • Insider Threat
    • Compromised Credentials
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Cloud Monitoring

Review our threat detection and analytics service or Cyberseer security technologies listed below or see a full overview of our cyber security solutions.

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