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Join us as we demonstrate the power of Google Chronicle and ASPECT!​

Calling all C-level execs, CIO’s, CISO’s, Heads, Architects and Managers!​

Chronicle is built on core Google infrastructure, and brings unmatched speed and scalability to analysing massive amounts of security telemetry. As a cloud service, it requires zero customer hardware, maintenance, tuning, or ongoing management.

aspect v5

ASPECT is an advanced platform that takes notifications from machine learning technologies and enriches them with other associated data such as threat intelligence, Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and other log data to surface anomalous, potentially malicious activity in its infancy.

Who should attend?

Calling all C-level execs, CIO’s, CISO’s, Heads, Architects and Managers!​ You should also attend if you’re experiencing the following:

If your SOC is struggling with the increasing volume of security alerts.

If you don’t have the right tools to navigate through large amounts of security data to gain a greater visibility of your environment.

If you have difficulties trying to source and retain skilled analysts to keep your organisation safe.

If you’re looking to reduce costs.

Would you like to see how these two technologies can combine to keep your organisation safe?

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Why attend a Cyberseer event?

  • See how you can reduce recruitment challenges and maintain capability.
  • Discover the power of automation to speed up threat detection.​
  • Learn how to leverage advanced machine learning.​
“Useful to confirm current thinking and see what others are doing!”

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Conde Nast

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