Roundtable Event: 14th June, 08:00 GMT

Discover a 24/7 Google Chronicle SOC Service

Interested in deploying Chronicle, but have limited security resources? We welcome you to the Cyberseer & Google Chronicle Roundtable Breakfast at Google offices, London.

Roundtable Topic Discussion:

D️iscover a 24/7 Google Chronicle SOC Service

There is no denying that Chronicle is a leading cyber security technology but managing the Chronicle technology requires expertise and resources that many organisations lack.

In this roundtable, we will be discussing how an organisation can successfully apply Google Chronicle combined with Cyberseer’s SOC service to overcome resource issues by delivering a 24/7 managed service. Cyberseer’s Forensic Analyst will discuss how Cyberseer’s human expertise drives maximum value from the Chronicle technology and what customers have found of value in having deployed a 24/7 Chronicle SOC Service including dealing with ransomware, phishing, data loss and alert overload.

“Having direct contact with Cyberseer’s Analyst is the main differentiator. Cyberseer Analysts know our environment and can give high-fidelity intelligence on the incident or triage. I’m always impressed with their level of detail.”

Why attend?

Come and discover how Chronicle combined with Cyberseer’s SOC overcomes resource issues by offering:

  • 24/7 direct access (phone & e-mail) to Forensic Analysts familiar with your environment,
  • Incidents investigated and triaged by Forensic Analysts,
  • Incident Response support,
  • Weekly and monthly threat trending reports,
  • Weekly incident reviews,
  • Strategic quarterly service reviews

Cyberseer provides real-time monitoring and process-led incident teams, which reduces the time between incident awareness and remediation. If you’re looking for a path forward to modernise security operations and boost efficiency, Cyberseer can help you determine if a Darktrace SOC Service is right for you.

With Cyberseer, you’re no longer on your own.

Who should attend?

Our roundtable guests are C-level executives, including CIO’s, CISO’s, Heads of Information Security, Security Operation Managers, Security Architects and Cyber Security Managers.

You should also attend if you’re experiencing the following:

If your SOC is struggling with the increasing volume of security alerts.

If you don’t have the right tools to navigate through large amounts of security data to gain a greater visibility of your environment.

If you have difficulties trying to source and retain skilled analysts to keep your organisation safe.

If you’re looking to reduce costs.

Cyberseer Training & Events​​


  • Introduction
  • 5-minute Global Retailer Security Challenges
  • 15-minute Google Chronicle update
  • 25-minute ‘Discover a Chronicle SOC Service’ 
    What it is & why it’s terrific?
  • 15-minute interactive discussion and Q&A with our roundtable guests

So, will you be joining us?

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Today's Security Analyst Problem - Alert Overload

Let’s face it, it’s a pretty tough gig for CISOs right now. With an explosion of traffic from new and evolving sources; corporate estates that are sprawling and fragmented; and hackers who have upped their game – it’s not a surprise that most Security Operation Centres (SOCs) are overwhelmed. We’re all familiar with the headlines of eye-watering amounts companies have paid to recover their data, and while this has helped get security to the top of the agenda, it still leaves many teams grappling with how they improve their security posture.


“With the average large enterprise deploying security products from 70+ different vendors, the enormous number of alerts generated per day means that the SOC team are continually overwhelmed by the sheer volume.”


Identifying actual threats amongst the noise is a major challenge especially when “Analysts are spending 30 minutes on average to investigate each event, and only 1 in 5 alerts are related to a unique security event”. * The SOC, therefore, struggle to pinpoint the critical incidents versus the noise, and a significant number of alerts are ignored due to the sheer volume.

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