Webinar: An intro to Obsidian for SaaS Security - Recording

As organisations move their critical business systems to SaaS, infoSec departments must figure out how to safely enable the use of SaaS without slowing down the business. They are finding themselves poorly equipped to detect and respond to cloud breaches, insider threat, data leakage and weak security posture.

Without unified visibility across their SaaS apps, they are not able to answer basic questions: Who can access SaaS apps? Who are the privileged users? Which accounts are compromised? Who is sharing files externally? Are applications configured according to best practices? It is time to level up security for SaaS with cloud detection and response (CDR).

Join Ian Dutton as he demos Obsidian to protect all of your key apps such as Salesforce, Microsoft 365, G Suite, Zoom, and Box with continuous monitoring and analytics without impacting productivity.

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