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Infographic – The Insider Threat Landscape

Infographic – The Insider Threat Landscape

Insider Threat Landscape |Cyberseer Infographic

Infographic – The Insider Threat Landscape

Insider threats have long been a costly challenge for enterprises; they are among the hardest types of attacks to detect and defend against.

Monitoring threat from within isn’t easy because insiders already have legitimate access to data and systems. Determining what insider activity may be a threat and being able to stop that activity requires robust capabilities for both monitoring and control. Traditional security measures designed to protect from the outside fail to detect insider actions and insider threats remain undetected on the network for long periods of time.

To counter the insider’s advantage and address insider threats, organisations need better capabilities in such areas as context-based monitoring and advanced behaviour anomaly detection. For more information, read Cyberseer’s white paper – Detecting Insider Threat

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